Would you like to lend a hand at the Boombalfestival? Fantastic! Because the festival is supported by volunteers like you!

You can register by filling in the form below and you’ll receive an automatic respons once we’ve received your inscription.

Each volunteer does 4 shifts, each of 4 hours. In exchange for your help you get from us:

  • 3 drinking vouchers & 1 food voucher / shift
  • Free Boombalfestival T-shirt
  • Festival ticket for the weekend

We try to take into account your preferences and wishes as much as possible. This is why it is important to specify sufficiently in the comments below. Do you have bar en tap experience, would you like to help in the fries shop or catering, or rather in the parking lot, the token sales or the children’s entertainment? Or is there a particular performance that you absolutely do not want to miss? Let us know! So we have all the necessary information to schedule you without having to make too many changes to the complex puzzle afterwards.

Attention: you can only register as a volunteer from 16 years.

Registration form for volunteers

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