Thursday | 17:30

From compositions to revisitations of traditional tunes, Bargainatt invites you to discover its universe that is both modern and authentic.

The musicians draw their inspiration from the dances of various regions of France that are close to their hearts, while trying to respect the subtleties and traditions as best as possible of these. From Auvergne to Brittany, via Poitou and Gascony, Bargainatt offers you a journey with multiple colors and influences, full of energy and freshness.

Bargainatt is: Camille STIMBRE: Violin and vocals Youmi BAZOGE: Violin and vocals Léon OLLIVIER: Diatonic Accordion and singing Noé BAZOGE: Cello and singing

  • Augustijn
  • Lievegem
  • Baptist
  • Oxfam
  • Vlaanderen
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