Duo Absynthe
Sunday | 21:00 | Temple 1
The meeting between two night owls. Dreamy mazurkas, dynamite scottishes, delirious bourrées and improvisation…

The "DUO ABSYNTHE", between mazurkas and languor... Perched on the edge of the stage, like two friends on a bench who would give each other news, talk about the rain and the good weather...

But no banality in the music of DUO ABSYNTHE! It celebrates the melodies with mischief and reverence, it only serves references, but distilled in the house still... When the ball is a salted butter caramel, we love, we dance and we want more!

Aurélien Claranbaux: bison chromatic accordion Sylvain Letourneau: Guitar

  • Augustijn
  • Lievegem
  • Baptist
  • Oxfam
  • Vlaanderen
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