Guus Herremans
Saturday | 16:00 | Temple 2

Guus Herremans starts his musical studies at the age of 7 with Wilfrid Moonen. He qualifies himself in the diatonic accordion for folk music and on the piano for classical music. A few years later, he will be the first diatonic player to enter the prestigeous school of arts in Turnhout (Belgium) for a formation of 4 years. Toon Van Mierlo (Naragonia) will be his teacher of accordion. Later on, Guus will be teaching in this same school.

Simultaniously with his work as a teacher, Guus is a hard working professional musician with a rapidly growing career. His multiple creations and projects (Les Bottines Artistiques, Duo Lopez-Herremans, Me Guusta, Airboxes, Solo, etc...) are frequently invited to multiple festivals around Europe. Guus also often appears on stage as a guest player with famous folk musicians and bands (Variomatic, S-Tres, Aurélien claranbaux, Didier Laloy, Brotto Lopez, Duo bottasso, etc).

Beyond any doubt, his playing is sensible and masterly. Guus is also a composer. He is inspired by the traditional folk music, jazz music and world music for his own compositions. His artistic personality makes him an valuable and unavoidable musician of the contemporary folk scene.

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