La Bachule
Saturday | 19:00
Bal trad

Born under the leadership of Benoît Roblin (Décibal, Nòu, Pacher-Roblin...) and Baptiste Loosfelt (Chaï, Tunnel...), this new quartet with bowed and plucked strings explores the possibilities and combinations available in this unique instrumental formula.

The hurdy-gurdy and the violin are surrounded by the double bass of Antonin Pauquet (Parpaing, Abajade...) and the cello of Colin Delzant (Ballsy swing, Dordogne, l'Arfi...) in a bubble of groove and poetry made of drones, textures, riffs which will carefully frame the melodies to dance.

  • Augustijn
  • Lievegem
  • Baptist
  • Oxfam
  • Vlaanderen
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