Le Grand Barouf
Saturday | 17:30
The Grand Barouf, orchestral and sonic tumult

Created in 2009 by Grégory Jolivet on electro-acoustic hurdy-gurdy and Julien Padovani on keyboards, the Grand Barouf offers a very electric vision of traditional music, approaching progressive rock, but also very stripped down in the acoustic sound of each instrument. Repetition, looping, trance are the backbone of this original and pioneering duo. From the start, this training is envisaged as a project that can be expanded to suit everyone's desires.

After a few years of break, the Grand Barouf is back in action with the furious desire to transpose its energy onto the dance floor. To complete the training, the duo then called on François Robin, a virtuoso Vendée musician from Veuze, a powerful bagpipe, and his very precise melodic playing. Then, Maxime Dancre, an excellent drummer from Poitiers, with fine sound work, completes the Quartet. It provides an extremely varied, refined, efficient rhythmic base, always respectful of the leaps and bounces of the dance.

Combining frenetic energy, organic timbres and progressive structures, this four-headed machine offers addictive and hypnotic music, centered around dance. The furious playing of the bell ringers and the powerful sound of the rhythmic base form the identity of this enjoyable orchestra. Influenced by popular tunes originating from Poitou to Vendée via Berry and Brittany, original compositions take a major place in their repertoire.

Le Grand Barouf carries music that is positively tense, warm, and sweaty. The Grand Barouf can be listened to standing up, moving and for a long time...

THE MUSICIANS Grégory Jolivet: Electric hurdy-gurdy Julien Padovani: Chromatic accordion François Robin: Veuze Maxime Dancre: Percussionist

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