Les Zéoles
Saturday | 21:00 | Temple 1
A duo with meticulous and tiny melodies…

Les Zéoles is an accordion duo formed by Amélie Denarié on the diatonic and Anne Guinot on the chromatic.

The two musicians met in Montpellier in 2002 and founded Guilis ô Vent, a quintet of neo-traditional music, whose repertoire they composed together.

It is the desire to play together again and to take their musical collaboration further which pushes them, in 2008, to find the road of the parquet floors. Under their fingers are then born bittersweet compositions, playful and lyrical melodies with arrangements inspired by traditional French and European music but also classical. They now walk their bellows on the French trad/folk scene but also in Europe.

In August 2009 their first album Des Papillons dans le Ventre was released, the result of many years of working together. Their second opus, Sur Mesure, released in December 2011, is an opportunity to continue exploring the possibilities of this duo, while accompanying themselves with small instruments, specific to their universe, such as the senza, the carillon...

In July 2015, after four years of gestation, zealous peregrinations but also other musical adventures, Urban Rhapsody, their third album, was released.

In June 2017, a collection of scores was released bringing together the scores of the songs from the Urban Rhapsody album, as well as some songs from previous albums.

Finally in July 2018 released their latest album Arborescences.

The ball is always at the center of their work but, through their respective training as classical pianists, they also offer a concert formula, always with the same love of research, of the right note, the one that gives butterflies in the belly and that we keep warm once we have found it...

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