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LyraDanz is a musical project composed of three experienced musicians, members of well-known bands in the Folk music scene both in Italy and abroad. Since the beginning the main purpose of LyraDanz was to introduce unconventional musical instruments such as the bowed psaltery and the Celtic harp with the aim of experimenting new and unusual sonorities in the Neo-trad genre. At first the group has tested a range of instrumental possibilities through a repertoire of traditional French, Breton and Italian folk music, afterwards has developed its own peculiar style through original compositions, collected in the albums „Un giorno in ballo“ (October 2015) and „Una notte in ballo“ (April 2018).

A rhythmical and playful harp that displays a “mediterranean” soul; a virtuoso bowed psaltery, that explores all its melodic and technical potentialities; a guitar that from manouche to rumba, from flamenco to jazz, becomes the driving instrument to experimentation. The three musicians propose fresh and elegant arrangements in a skillful performance, full of dynamism, energy and charismatic stage presence, which leads to a total involvement of the dancing public.

LyraDanz has performed in several festivals and gigs around Europe (France, Belgium, Ireland, the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Czech Republic), has collaborated with well-known musicians of the Folk scene and is attracting more and more followers every day.

LyraDanz is: Adriano Sangineto: Celtic Harp, Voice Caterina Sangineto: Voice, Bowed Psaltery, Flutes, Bodhran Jacopo Ventura: Guitar, Bouzouki, Charango, Voice

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