Man Encantada
Saturday | 17:30 | Temple 1
Jérôme Dubois - Joachim Montbord - Gilles de Becdelièvre

Man Encantada offers Gascon ball sung in the language of òc

The beautiful sung melodies, traditional texts and original compositions, are punctuated by the accordion and the mandola, and fly away with the breath of the flugelhorn.

The Man Encantada is the hand of the shaman that disturbs the will and discernment. We no longer know if the mandola singer is dragging us into the harbors of the quays of Bordeaux or into some bayou of an imaginary delta, into the long November rains on the moors of Gascony, or under a red lantern in the port of Shanghai. . The accordion pumps as one breathes after the embrace of a dance, while the bugle resonates its coppery warmth, here and tonight. But, from the mandrake to the stall of Mayan, the lost girl of the port, Asmodet always watches over this funny amulet in the shape of a hand.

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  • Lievegem
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  • Oxfam
  • Vlaanderen
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