Organetto a cUkù
Friday | 17:30 | Temple 1

The 'Organetto a cUkù' project was born from the union of two instruments that are part of the folk tradition of two very distant areas: the Organetto, an instrument that is very present in the folk tradition of Italy and Europe, and the Ukulele, a Hawaiian instrument that has been very much in vogue in the rest of the world for several years now.

The group proposes an unprecedented repertoire of 'Balfolk': a repertoire of dances (Circassian circles, Scottish, mazurkas, bourrée, rondeau, waltzes...) that the musicians themselves teach both during the concert and through preparatory workshops. Of course, their repertoire does not lack the traditional dances of the Marche region, starting with the best known: the Saltarello.

The two musicians, Federico Cippitelli (on accordion) and Marco Fermani (on ukulele, melodica and stompbox), kicked off their project in October 2017, starting to play concerts in several Italian regions. In August 2018 they played in Gent (Belgium) at the "Boombal Festival". After several concerts in Italy in June they leave again for a series of dates in Belgium also participating in the "Dafodil Festival" in Diest. In July of the same year they played in Castelnuonvo di Recanati (MC) at the 'Due Passi nel Folk'. In the same year they returned to Belgium for more concerts and played at the "Kerstboombal" (De Centrale - Gent). In the same month, their first CD was released: 'Organetto a cUkù'. In August 2021 they return to the 'Boombal Festival'. In July 2022 they took part in the 'Danzamare Folk Festival' in Porto Potenza Picena (MC). In July they played in Panni (FG) at the 'Ballinsé' Festival. In September they were invited to play at "Pif" in Castelfidardo (AN).

Federico Cippitelli

In 2000, he began his musical journey with the accordion. Over time he became passionate about the popular traditions of his territory, learning music, dances and popular songs (such as improvised stornelli) from more experienced musicians and older singers, the authentic 'keepers' of the Tradition. In 2010, he founded the "Grazie Grazià" improvised group of popular music from the Marche. He then came into contact with the world of 'Balfolk' and immediately fell in love with it, thus beginning to explore new musical styles. He composes music and participates as a musician in 'indie pop' projects in the area. In 2015, together with Marco and Gianni Donnini, he set up the 'DanzAmare Folk Festival', a folk music and dance festival held every year in Porto Potenza Picena (MC) in the second week of July.

Marco Fermani

He is a composer, arranger, pianist and ukulel player. He has always been passionate about theatre, music therapy and play therapy and is mainly involved in musical training and didactics for children. He holds degrees in physics and jazz. Over the years, he has participated as a musician and actor in various musical and theatre projects and has had the honour of sharing the stage with many actors and musicians. In the meantime, he fell madly in love with the ukulele and, together with other enthusiasts, founded the "Uku's Klan", a goliardic and fun-loving ukulele marching band with the intention of ukulelising the whole world. In 2010 he met Federico and thanks to him he began to get closer to popular music and 'Balfolk' dances. In September 2017, he composed the Mazurka 'Allumettes et Sablieur'. A few days later, 'Organetto a cUkù' was born.

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