Pablo Golder
Wednesday | 18:00

Pablo is a Italo-Belgo accordion player. He was 8 years old when he saw and heard a diatonic accordion for the very first time in his life and it was love at first sight. He started to study the instrument at the age of 10 with Marianne Uylebroeck first and then with Bruno Letron and Didier Laloy. After spending part of his childhood in Italy he moved to Belgium when he was twenty and quite soon he got involved in the Belgian folk-revival. He first specialized in the bal music of northern Europe more specifically France and formed several bal bands for which he composed the music trying to innovate the tradition with new sounds and colors but steel keeping the contact with the dance and the ground's energy. He is also not afraid of trying new styles on his accordion and he you can easily find him on stage playing some Swing manouche, Balkan music or others....

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