Parasol Trio
Sunday | 11:30
A touch of elegance and harmony

Parasol seems to have a patent on intimate balls. To experience a concert of this duo is a unique event. Their records are also sublime: lots of mazurkas, asymmetrical waltzes, and the occasional scottish, polka or bourrée. Don't expect Breton dancing: this couple clearly has a preference for couple dancing.

The duo has evolved over the years. Gérard Godon was always a regular player with his unique accordion playing. The duo started with Gérard Godon in combination with Eric Théze (saxophone). Later the duo expanded into a trio with Catherine Grimault (violin). Then it became a duo again with Catherine Grimault. Later Gérard played in duo with Cécile Six (Clarinet). Finally (?) Gérard plays with Eric Théze, with Eric playing various instruments.

During Boombalfestival they will be accompanied by a fantastic musician and also Eric's son, Samuel Thézé!

  • Augustijn
  • Lievegem
  • Baptist
  • Oxfam
  • Vlaanderen
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