Sunday | 19:00 | Temple 2
Träff : an encounter in Swedish. Tref : the same, but in Dutch

TREF: The encounter between Bruno Le Tron, Didier Laloy and Wim Claeys on the diatonic accordion and Frédéric Malempré on persussion. For ten years now, TREF has been an engine of transgressing musical research in Folk Music. These ambassadors of virtuosity have already seen a great part of the world. Concerning folk music, they played with all the great musicians of their time. In Belgium they found their way to all big stages, from Nekkanacht in Antwerp to the Montreux Jazz Festival, while passing Francofolies in Spa, the festivals of Saint-Chartier (F) and Dranouter,… In 2002 the group received the Klara Music Price.

These 4 passionated musicians fill their dialogue with traditional rythms, Jazzy harmonies, touching melodies and rocking grooves. In short, TREF is considered as a unique music genre, accompanied by a distinguished amount of Belgian humor on stage.

Today: TREF proudly presents its third album ‘DAMPF’, full of steaming music which continuously pursues its current course: three accordions and a lot of percussion in search of the limits of their possibilities and joined action.

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