Saturday | 14:30 | Temple 1
Italian bal folk compositions

A powerful neo-trad bal folk band from Italy formed by Jacopo Ventura.

Born 1983, he started the study of classical guitar under the supervision of M° Fabrizio Cerri and continues his academic path at the conservatory “G. Cantelli” in Novara under the supervision of M° Mario Dell’Ara.

Along with the academic studies he starts to get interest in various string instruments of the European (mandolin, mandola, bandurria) and non–Europeans traditions (bouzouki, bağlama, oud, tanpura) and he specializes in European world-music repertoire of 19° century.

He carries out an activity of research and reinterpretation of the traditional music from Piedmon, his mother region in Italy. With his world music projects, over the last 15 years he conducts a concertistic career mainly in Europe, Asia, North and South America.

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