Friday | 17:30

Among the musicians, many well-known names from the Belgian folk scene: Koen Garriau (Living Roots), Guus Herremans (Airboxes), Paul Garriau (Fluxus), Dirk Verhegge (Kadril and De Garre), Koen Dewaele (Kadril), Stef Van Straelen (Yevgueni). ).

What once started as an occasional group at the annual "Soirée Bourrée" has now matured into a well-oiled pop-folk-rock band. Variomatic has been switching fluidly from contemporary folk to funky pop music, or from heavy rock to more intimate blues, for 15 years. Along the way you will undoubtedly recognize a well-known TV tune or a hit from the old days. These musicians are so in tune with each other that you spontaneously surrender to their natural drive.

  • Augustijn
  • Lievegem
  • Baptist
  • Oxfam
  • Vlaanderen
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