Festival address
Boterhoek 8
9920 Lovendegem – Lievegem (Belgium)
Bus / Train

Take buses 65 or 67. They run from Gent Sint-Pietersstation to Lovendegem and take about 25 minutes. Get off at the stop ‘Binnenslag’ (Grote Baan) and follow the road towards Eeklo afterwards. Take the second street on the right next (Bredestraat). Follow this street for 1.5km. After a sharp turn, you’ll notice the first signs of the festival atmosphere.

To reach Gent Sint-Pietersstation, use the Belgian train website.
To take the bus to the festival, consult the timetables at De Lijn.


At Brussels international airport Zaventem, you’ll find direct trains to Ghent (every hour). The train station is located inside the airport, directly under the departures and arrival halls, at level -1.

Another option is to fly to Brussels South Charleroi Airport. They have direct shuttles to Brussels where you can take a train to Ghent. You can also take a direct shuttle bus (Flibco) from Charleroi airport to Ghent. Make sure to book your seat beforehand though! You can find more info on theFlibco website).


There is a free parking lot 250m from the festival, in the Pyramidestraat.


TThere is also a spacious bicycle parking lot at the festival’s entrance. Fietsnet is a very useful tool to create your own cycling route (junction 28, 30, or 34).

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