The festival site is located at:

Boterhoek 8
9920 Lovendegem

The reception open each day at 10.30 am.

You’ll find a wide range of food and drinks at Boombalfestival. If you’re thirsty, a range of eight barrel-aged beers, three bottled beers (all served in glasses), Oxfam juices and wines, soft drinks, aperitifs, and cocktails will be available.

If you’re hungry, you can choose from a variety of fresh meals (made with lots of love) at one of our food trucks. You can choose between pastas, wraps, paninis, hot meals, soups, and burgers. Vegetarian? No problem! There are lots of vegetarian and vegan options. Even our french fries are baked in vegan oil!

You can also start your day with a delicious coffee from the Coffee Bar on Wheels and in the afternoon you can enjoy a fresh organic ice cream from our neighbors, bio-farm De Zwaluw.

There are adapted bathrooms for people in wheelchairs at the festival site. Cars for disabled people are allowed to enter the festival’s driveway to drop off passengers right next to the entrance.


Tokens are available at the box office and can be purchased per cash / visa / bancontact / mastercard.


Earplugs are freely available at the reception.

Festival shop

There is festival shop where you can buy lots of beautiful memories. You can also leave clothes that you no longer need and choose new clothes. Totally free! Also the lost and found is located here.


The toilets are located at the centre of the festival site and will be cleaned regularly by our fantastic sanitary duo. The toilets and the available toilet paper are free.

First Aid

A first-aid Red Cross team will be available at the festival site.


You can charge your mobile at the charging tree at the centre of the festival.

Lost / Found

Have you found a lost object? Do the owner a favour and drop it at the festival shop. That’s also the place to be should you have lost something yourself.

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