Workshop photo Dynamics
Workshop: Dynamics
By Rafael & Nele
Thursday | 10:30

Workshop photo Liquid leading
Workshop: Liquid leading
By Mara & Line
Thursday | 12:00

Surprise yourself with the power of liquid leading to create a playful contact in couple dances

In this workshop we'll invite you to add this option to your toolbox, so your dancing can be even more fun and free. How can you seamlessly swap roles during a dance, in a way that's flawless, elegant and comfortable? How can you switch roles without changing your hold? With every dance and partner, we can explore a new universe. Let's dive into this adventure together.

Workshop photo Musicality for dancers on music of Naragonia
Workshop: Musicality for dancers on music of Naragonia
By Koen Dhondt
Friday | 10:30

Curious about musical phenomena that are common in folk tunes? And ready to explore their impact on your dancing? Then join this workshop!

The wonderful music of Naragonia is full of little treasures that we can use as a dancer. We will discover how to do variations in strong connection with the music on some of their tunes, and learn to use this skill on other music too.
No musical knowledge required.

Workshop photo Dance therapy
Workshop: Dance therapy
By Mara & Line
Friday | 10:30

In this workshop we'll explore our personal space and its borders while dancing. It's a workshop for anybody who wishes to learn about themself and their patterns of behaviour (in dance, and maybe in life generally?).

We'll be taking a look inside ourselves, and being sensitive to our own needs.

Workshop photo Asymmetrical waltz / Scottish impaire
Workshop: Asymmetrical waltz / Scottish impaire
By Gérard Godon
Friday | 12:00

Workshop photo Bourrées beginner and intermediate
Workshop: Bourrées beginner and intermediate
By Bernard Coclet
Saturday | 10:30

Workshop photo Festival skills: optimize the use of dance space
Workshop: Festival skills: optimize the use of dance space
By Koen Dhondt
Saturday | 12:00

How to avoid injuries in bourrées and spirals in jigs and cercles? How to solve waltz traffic jams? How can we free up extra space for all dancers?

Better floor management can make the dance experience a lot nicer for everybody. Most dancers have basic skills that give nice results on small or medium dance floors, but lack the advanced skills that are needed on crowded festivals. Koen Dhondt proposes interesting exercises and practical tips to share with all of you.

And if you think you have nothing to learn on this topic, well ... then you should definitely come to this workshop!

Workshop photo Swedish dances
Workshop: Swedish dances
By Klara Andersson
Saturday | 12:00

Workshop photo Bourrées Master class
Workshop: Bourrées Master class
By Bernard Coclet
Sunday | 10:30

Workshop photo Playing in the Jig
Workshop: Playing in the Jig
By Louise Marius
Sunday | 12:00

Workshop photo Active following
Workshop: Active following
By Maria & Francesco
Sunday | 12:00

A workshop which is aimed at improving sensitivity towards music and partner. The goal is double: on one hand learning to improvise by following the music, on the other hand activating the listening skills of the leader and the initiative skills of the follower without having to change roles during the dance.

In its first part, we will improve the transmission of information from ears to feet, empowering both interpretation skills for leaders and listening techniques for followers. In the second part, we teach to leaders to receive informations and to followers to take initiatives. The aim is, without entering into the co-leading, to create a dance that is more like a conversation than a monologue.

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