Workshop photo Bourrées 2T /  Bourrées 3T
Workshop: Bourrées 2T / Bourrées 3T
By Bernard Coclet
Thursday | 10:30 | Temple 1

Discover or deepen the great family of bourrées. Bourrées with 2, 4, 6 dancers or collectives.

By visiting the regions of bourrées, Bernard will suggest a method for understanding dance, for appropriating it and adapting to different styles or schools.

Workshop photo Subtle variations for scottish
Workshop: Subtle variations for scottish
By Elena Leibbrand
Thursday | 12:00 | Temple 2

Elena's "Frame Games" are about how good dance posture, good technique to lead and/or follow, and some subtle rhythmic and/or body tricks can transform a dance without figures* into a "wow experience".

Workshop photo Polska
Workshop: Polska
By Hel'ga Olha
Friday | 10:30 | Temple 1

In this workshop, we will work with the roots of this particular dance, the musicality, the embrace, the body posture, specific technics for leader and follower, the basic step, the movement directions and how to manage with the space.

Beginners are welcome as well as experts. We are exchanging couples and working the basics. Meanwhile we can discover new tricks and improve what we already knew before about this beautiful dance.

Workshop photo Poitou
Workshop: Poitou
By Lucas Thebault
Friday | 12:00 | Temple 2

Initiation and discovery of the dances practiced today in the Poitevin folk ball, particularly in Haut-Poitou. Marchoises, Avant-deux, Pas d'été, Bal limousine, Gâtinelles, and also Maraîchines, Branle de l'Epine, etc.

These dances of the center-west of France will be perfect for the amateurs of collective and moving moments. A playful, varied and pleasantly dynamic repertoire, accessible to all levels. Bring a good pair of knees, strong feet and ESPECIALLY a big dose of good humor!

Workshop photo Rondeau en couple
Workshop: Rondeau en couple
By Sara & Paulo
Saturday | 10:30 | Temple 1

Tired of always going back and forward? Rondeau can be one of the most interesting dances in balfolk: add a pinch of creativity and a little bit of technique and you'll yourselves have a full plate of fun!

In this workshop, Sara and Paulo will share how to blur the lines of tradition and what tools you'll need to have a fun conversation with your partner when dancing a rondeau en couple.

Workshop photo Mazurka
Workshop: Mazurka
By Gerard Godon
Saturday | 12:00 | Temple 2

Workshop photo Rope Flow in combination with (body) drumming
Workshop: Rope Flow in combination with (body) drumming
By Mieke Syryn
Sunday | 10:30 | Temple 2

Rope Flow is a recent new sport, you move a rope around you without jumping through it, challenging your coordination and mobility. The workshop combines rope flow with (body) drumming! Whether you crave a quiet wake-up call at the festival or are in need of an energy boost. Both are possible because you choose your intensity during Rope Flowing or drumming.

Mieke from Ropewaves will teach you the principles of Rope Flow in combination with (body) drumming. This activity is suitable for everyone.

Workshop photo From tradition to creation
Workshop: From tradition to creation
By Bernard Coclet
Sunday | 10:30 | Temple 1

Discover or deepen the arrangements in dance, the mechanisms of recomposition or creation. Bourrées with 2, 4, 6 dancers or collectives.

From examples, Bernard will suggest ways to arrange or create bourrées, to allow a collective creation of dance dreams.

Workshop photo A new start
Workshop: A new start
By Raffaele Vitale
Sunday | 12:00 | Temple 2

A new dance life started since pandemics ended. Something have been forgotten in the lock down, something lost, but a new world awaits us. Old words: connection, musicality, body’s perception, are just concepts and still want to be explored with new eyes.

We will focus on circular motions, the basic way to explore our horizontal space and the shift towards straight line movement, expanding the possibility of expression in our dances (hopefully before bumping into another couple).

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